Monday, January 17, 2011

Keeping The Plates Spinning

I've been thinking a lot about how to keep all the plates in my life spinning, which one's to let fall, which ones to spin faster. I came to the conclusion that one plate I'm going to have to manage more effectively is my blogging life. I've let it get quite out of control; and while I maintain, that blogging actually helps me focus more on my writing, I also believe that I need to cut back.

So one plate I'm going to let fall is my Monday blog post about revision. I need to revise, not write a blog post about revising. From now on I'll be doing three posts per week Zoosday Tuesday, What I Love About You Wednesday, and Foenetic Friday.

On the days that I'm not posting, I will be working on other aspects of my writing, such as revising my newest WIP, preparing querys for my completed MS, reading books on the craft of writing, and researching my  next MS. I probably won't be reading any blogs on M, Th, Sat, Sun.  So I'll have to catch up on Tues, Wed, and Fri.

I hope to find more balance and make more progess this way. What about you, does anyone have any advice?


  1. Keep within the amount of work you feel comfortable with. Life is not a race, all you do is end up feeling absolutely worn out. Wish I'd listened to this advice when I was much younger, I'd have more energy now. I wish you luck with setting a sensible pace for yourself, Melissa.

  2. Yeah, I've found blogging takes way more time than I anticipated. I've been trying to cut back too.

  3. OH I think cutting back on blogging time and time using the internet defintely helps!! I need to get that discipline too - but for now I'm much too addictied to blogging!!! Good luck with your new schedule!! Take care

  4. Boy do I understand that! I cut back to 3 days a while ago, and now I'm down to 2. It really makes a difference. Not just in writing, but with the, er, dust bunnies in the house, too ;)

  5. Wooo! Yay for you! I agree. I post WAY too much about writing...instead of writing.

  6. Monday's a really busy blog day for everyone. I'd say focus more on the real revisions.