Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What I Love About You Wednesday

My new feature for 2011 is called "What I Love About You Wednesday". Each and every one of my followers has added something unique and wonderful to my life, and I want to reach out to each of you and share what I love about you and your blogs.

My plan is to go in order starting with my very first followers, and each week, highlight someone new. If you're a follower of my blog but haven't been blogging for a while, I'm going to wait until you get back into it. If for some reason you are following my blog, but I'm not following yours, please let me know. I tried to make sure I was reciprocating, but there were a few people I couldn't find.

This week I'm sending LOVE to Jody Hedlund.

Jody's blog was one of the first I ever visited. Her debut novel, The Preacher's Bride, was published on 10/1/2010 .  She shared every step of the process she went through to get her debut on the shelves. She has amazing insight into the publishing industry, and a heart of gold.

If you haven't checked out Jody's blog, I encourage you to do so. I get something amazing out of every post. And that's why I love Jody.


  1. Thanks for the infor and the link to Jody Hedlund's blog!!

    This is such a lovely thing to do for wednesday! Take care

  2. Jodi is amazing, isn't she? Her book was really great too. What a lovely idea this is!

  3. Melissa, this is a great idea! Another way to find great blogs! I will be sure and check in each Wednesday (oh, and on the other days too)

  4. Hi Melissa! I'm so honored to be included in your What I Love About You Wednesday post!! You're so sweet!! Thank you!!! :-)

  5. Hi Melissa,
    Your new feature has inspired me to do something similar. I mentioned you in my latest post. Check it out at

  6. What I love about you -- Melissa...

    is you're very sweet to do this. Jody is amazing and she can't help but be successful. She has an amazing book.

  7. With all her great advice, Jody helped me get started in blogging :)