Monday, April 4, 2011

What I Learned on Hiatus aka I'm Better With You

Better With You

I decided to take a blog hiatus from the end of February - March. I needed to make some major progress on my new WIP, and felt that if I took some time off from blogging, I'd be able to focus on writing. So how did that work out? Not so hot!

I did manage to get around 5000 words written during the month, but considering I wrote 45,000 words during November while blogging, I was less than pleased.

What I found out was that even though blogging takes up time, I'm better with you.

When I'm blogging:
1) Writing is front and center every day. I'm hearing about your writing projects, and it motivates and inspires me to work on my own.
2) I'm part of a great group of people, who all share my goals and keep me motivated.
3) I'm able to chase away the "I'm never going to be a writer" self-doubt that plagues me. I hear about your successes and failures and realize that I'm not alone.
4) I'm getting new ideas and tips on ways to improve my own writing.
5) I'm avoiding other distractions, like the "Game of Thrones" obsession I picked up while on hiatus. (I really did not need to get hooked on new book series. But hey, I only have about 4000 more pages to read!)

So I'm going back to blogging three days a week. I'm going to pick up where I left off on Zoosday Tuesday, Why I Love You Wednesday, and Foenteic Friday. I'm going to focus on moderation and balance between writing, reading, and blogging.

I look forward to seeing all of you soon.


  1. I totally agree with you. Whenever I've taken a break, I usually get as much done when I'm blogging. I especially agree with number 2. Reading other blogs keeps me motivated.

  2. Welcome back!!! At least you got some writing done - yay for you!!!!! I'm looking forward to your fabulous posts!! Take care

  3. I also find that reading other blogs makes me motivated to write more! Though 5,000 is great, good luck to you with more productivity on your word count!

  4. Hi, I love writing my blog, too, and reading others. I also love my "Farmville, and am presently addicted to it. I gave up my Real Arcade games, several months ago. I find that i must write, it is a wonderful outlet for me. Keep on keeping on, my friend.

  5. I loved reading this post because it makes me feel less guilty for blogging. It's really good for my writing, I agree!

  6. Glad to see you back into the blogosphere. I did that in 2010 at about the same time as you did this year. But I soon realized I get MORE done while blogging. It re-energizes. :-) Excellent post.

  7. Welcome back, Melissa! I appreciate your insights here.

  8. Yay! Nice to have you back, Melissa. Missed you.


  9. Melissa, I wouldn't worry about the number of words! Your creativity needs time to incubate, donchya know?? Seems like you're doing so well. The past year has flown by, hasn't it!? Good to see you stuck with blogging - I let it slide but it's good to be back into it again. Looking forward to next Wednesday - I'm intrigued and thrilled!! Thank you!

  10. Welcome back! I missed you!!!