Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What I Love About You Wednesday

Suzi McGowen

Suzi's a great gal who always has fun things to say on her blog. She's written some great books, including one called A Troll's Wife's Tale. How cool is that. 

Suzi has a great blog that mixes fun writing stuff, with personal tidbits that make her feel like a friend.

Thanks for checking out Suzi's blog.



  1. Geez, I used to follow Suzi and then she took a break, and I never saw her again so I just figured something happened. I followed the link to her site, checked, and I'm still following her so I'll have to check my blogger thingie. Thanks for the heads up.

    Loved the foxes yesterday.

  2. awe, I'm a fan of Suzi too! She always gives such great comments!

  3. Thanks for the headsup about Suzi!


  4. Suzi is great :)

    Hope you're doing well Melissa... welcome back!

    Sorry I haven't stopped by earlier, I've been on a bit of a impromptu hiatus myself. Hope to be back to normal programming next week ;)

  5. Hello! Just stopping by. :-)

    How have you been doing?