Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Zoosday Tuesday

Arctic Fox

Powder puff anyone?
The arctic fox is another animal that is beautifully adapted to life in the cold, cold north. The bushy tail, shorter nose, and small ears. Their fur is thick with a dense double coat, and they even have fur on the bottom of their feet. All these adaptations help them survive in the harsh cold of the Arctic Circle.

The blue represents the area where the Artic Fox lives
These little puff balls are opportunistic feeders. They eat small mammals such as lemmings, arctic hares, ringed seal pups, and eggs. They also eat any scraps left behind by polar bears.

My summer coat
During the summer, they grow a brown or grey coat, which they trade for a solid white coat when thick snow covers their territory.

Changing my coat

Arctic foxes form monogomous pairs that share the duties of raising and feeding the young. Litter size is typically from five -eight, but can be up to twenty-five (what! that's just crazy.) The kits stay with the parents for up to two years and may stay with the parents to help raise their younger siblings. When it's time to move on, the females head out while the males stay with the family. The kits are born brown, grey, or blue/grey, and turn white as winter approaches.

Babies at the Den
Arctic Foxes are doing well so far in the wild. They use all of their resources to survive. They are successful hunters, good parents, and ideally adapted to make their way in the harshest environment on earth. 


  1. Awww, what beautiful arctic animals!

  2. what a great (awefully cute) interesting species I'd never heard of! Thanks for sharing!

  3. OH wow. Aren't they just the lovelies most wonderful-lest creatures?!!? I love all types of foxes and think they get such a bad press for everything! I think they are cunning and clever and intelligent and are great survivors!! And so darned CUTE!!! Yay for them!! Take care

  4. Foxes are so adorable! I even read about a case where a couple in England kept 1 in their home. Obviously it wasn't an arctic fox!