Thursday, December 3, 2009

Day One in the World Of Blogging

OK, I have to admit that when I started hearing about all this blogging stuff, I was a little freaked.  Had society become so narcissistic that we felt the need to share everything about ourselves with everyone?  For that matter, did anybody really care what we were going through?  But then I decided to GET OVER IT!  So here I am blogging away. 

I decided to focus on my foray into the world of children's book publishing. 

About three years ago, I decided to let all of the characters who were running amok in my brain out to play.  I found that by setting them free, they could grow and change, and stop driving me crazy.  Since then I've written three children's books.  None of them is anywhere near ready to be published, but at least I've figured that out. 

So what I've learned so far, is that getting a novel published is about as easy as getting onto a professional football team, or getting the starring role in a block-buster film.  It can and does happen, but not without talent, hard work, and perserverence. 

So, I plan to blog about my day-to-day experience as I attempt to get published.  I also have a full-time job that sucks the life out of me daily, but it's all good because it keeps me hungry and it keeps me writing

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  1. Your perspective on putting in a lot of hard work is so true. Getting published is far from easy. I commend you on that work ethic and blogging!