Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Little Blogged Down

So I took a break leading up to Christmas, but got back to work on Monday.  However, I was working so hard on my revisions I didn't take any time to blog.  I'll try to make up for that now.

Monday 12/28/09:
After over a week away I went back to my manuscript and did  full re-write.  (I highly recommend taking time away between re-writes if you can.  It gives you a fresh perspective.  Anyway, I changed all my speaker attributions, settled on the omnicient POV, set-up a limited time frame for story.  After doing this on paper, I had to come back and re-type everything. 

*** I finally decided to go with the omnicient POV for this story.  This was my original inclination and the more I read the story the more I liked it.  It gives a chance to look at the characters more as they are, not so much how they see themselves.  Since they're zombies, this is a more accurate and a funnier view.  However, I've tried to close in on each of them from time to time, especially Milo and especially toward the end of the story. 

Tuesday 12/29/09
I spent the day working out my chapter length and changing the structure of the chapters so that some of the chapters end in cliff-hangers.  This was a major issue with the original story.  Each chapter had a conclusion that left nothing to the imagination.

Wednesday 12/30/09
I made a bold choice at the end of chapter 3. I'll have to solicit feedback from my critique group.  I added my cliff hangers where necessary.  I'm pretty happy with my chapter lengths.  They are fairly even from a low of 2.95 manuscript pages to a high of 8.15 manuscript pages.  It's 23 chapters 128 pages and around 5.6 pages per chapter.  I feel like the chapters are pretty balanced. 

I also finished reading Self Editing for Fictions Writers.  I plan to review again for Show Vs Tell based on this book.

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