Thursday, August 26, 2010

Three Thing Thursday

Amie at I Am Alive see above link (I hope) Asked on Three Things Thursday about our pets. I love the question, so I'm trying to respond, but you all know how technically challenged I am, so...

First I must say I'm terrible jealous of Amie because she has horses and I do not. But I've had lots of pets so I'll go by species.
1) Cats, as a family, we always had cats. The first family cat was solid black and named after a character in Uncle Rhemus tales, but since it's apparently a racial slur, I won't repeat it. (It starts with a T not an N). Then we got Walter Mitty and he was around until I moved out. My first cat all on my own was Captain Butler, called CB, the love of my life. Then I got Katie Scarlett (called Katie) the sweetest cat that ever lived. They have both passed on. I now have Margaret (called Molly) and Mitchell (called Mitchell Lafayette because his behavior is so bad I had to give him a middle name).
2)Dog-we had one dog as a kid named Rosie. This poor creature was adorable but psychotic. We found her as a stray and she had been abused. We did the best we could, but new nothing about dogs. She mainly just rolled around on us licking our faces and her nether regions intermittently. She also chased Walter Mitty constantly.
3)Mice- I have now had four mice. The first two Charlotte and Emily passed away recently. (They only live about two years.) I recently got Laura and Louisa. They are very cute, and a lot of fun to watch run around on their wheele or in their little rolling balls. they even inspired me to write a picture book which I may try to get published someday.

So anyway, head over to Amie's blog I hope I did this like thing right.


  1. You certainly did it right!

    I've always wanted mice. My mom had some when she was younger. But I never got into the rodents. I had reptiles though, lots of turtles.

  2. I always wanted a turtle. I remember getting tadpols and watching them grow into frogs. Very cool.

  3. Ah, I had hamsters growing up. They were lots of fun, rolling around in those plastic balls.
    My family has a couple cats now. One of them's nice and laid-back, but the other one is a bit obnoxious. =P

  4. I love that bad behavior calls for a middle name. You're absolutely right, of course. I'd love to have mice. I had a fancy rat once, and she was so sweet.