Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What A Prize

About a month ago I won a fabulous prize on Justine Dell's blog (come back Justine, we miss you.) The prize was a FULL, yes, I said FULL MS line edit.  How cool is that. Especially for someone as comma challenged as I am.

The wonderful editor was Katie Knish http://katieknish.tumblr.com/ . She is starting her career as a copyeditor and I can tell you she has a wonderful career ahead of her. She was a total pro. And so fast! Within a couple of days of getting my MS to her, she had it half finished. Then when I e-mailed her and said, "crisis, crisis, I got a request for a full MS can you finish by the end of the week?" she said no problem.

Katie is looking for fiction that she can copy edit. Here's what she said in an e-mail communication about what she's looking for. "What I'm most interested in editing is fiction, and my passion lies with children's, middle-grade and young adult literature. Even now I'm in awe of the impact what I read as a child had on the person I became, and to be a part of creating those works would be, in all seriousness, a dream come true."

She's got a real passion for books and reading, and it is evident in the professional job she does. I encourage you to contact Katie if you have any projects that you would like her to look at.

Thanks again Katie.


  1. Thanks for the suggestion and congrats on the request for a full! Good luck to you!

  2. Thanks for the info about Katie, Melissa. I'll keep her in mind although I don't write childrens or YA lit. Still, it's good to know that she's fast and reliable and an option.


  3. What a great opportunity. I have someone I met online who's doing a very thorough edit of something I have finished and I love getting her comments on my MS. It's been SO helpful!

  4. Oooh CONGRATULATIONS with our full ms win AND the request for your full ms!! FANTASTIC news!!! Well done you!!!!! Yay!!! Good luck with it and all the best!!!!

    Yes!! Come Back Justine Dell!!!

    Take care

  5. OOOHHHH that's a rockin' prize!Sorry I wasn't following sooner. #badcandy