Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What Would Your Character Do/Say Wednesday

I’m always looking for questions to ask my characters; anything to pull them out of their shell and see how they act in foreign territory. I wondered what it would be like if my characters participated in other Middle Grade and Young Adult stories. How would they act in Narnia, or at Hogwarts? It’s interesting to see how your characters act in a completely different setting.

The action follows 11-year-old protagonist Lyra Belacqua, accompanied by her daemon, from her home at Oxford University to the frozen wastes of the North, on a quest to save kidnapped children from the evil 'Gobblers,' who are using them as part of a sinister experiment. Lyra also must rescue her father from the Panserbjorne, a race of talking, armored, mercenary polar bears holding him captive. Joining Lyra are a vagabond troop of gyptians (gypsies), witches, an outcast bear, and a Texan in a hot air balloon.

The Golden Compass

1) How would hour character deal with betrayal by one or both of his/her parents?

2) If your character had a daemon what would it be?

3) How far would your character go to rescue a friend?

4) How resourceful is your character?

5) Does your character have influence over people, even ones who are older?


  1. I'll answer these questions on behalf of my character William

    1) William doesn't deal with betrayal well. He doesn't forgive or forget easily. If one or both of his partents betrayed him he wouldn't hesitate to cut them out of his life and move on without them.

    2) I can't remember if something as big as a bear is allowed to be a daemon, I think not, but that is the closest animal representative of William I can think of. If not he would be an Akita .

    3) William would put his own life in jeopardy to rescue a friend.

    4) William is very resourceful.

    5) William is very influential over people of any age.

  2. Ooh!!

    My 11 year old character would be very confused with betrayal, he has a "best friend", he would help his best friend but irritably and resourcefully! He has sway over his friends but not the older ones!

    Great questions, thank you! take care

  3. I've been meaning to read this book for ages! I think I'll the whole thing first before contemplating what my character would do. It's something I really want to sink myself into.


  4. The polar bears sound awesome. My MC would do almost anything to save a friend.

  5. I never thought of putting my characters in someone else's book but what great questions ... they apply directly to my WIP (except for the daemon part). Thanks. And Happy Thanksgiving.