Thursday, December 2, 2010

My NaNo Journey

Oh boy. I'm so glad it's December.

This was my first year to participate in NaNo and overall, it was a pretty good experience. I developed a habit of writing everyday, which I hope will stick with me.

But did I write 50,000 words, the answer is not quite. It's the wierdest thing, I was going strong had about 3500 words to finish on Monday, and a big chunk of time to get it almost done, and I ran out of steam. Right at the end of the race. This is really strange for me, because usually when I set a goal I comlete it.

I really don't know what happened, maybe it was getting to the end of my story (I hate endings), maybe it was my total mental exhaustion (from a combo of things NaNo being only one), maybe it was having to host book club the following night.  I don't know, but I wound up at around 46,578 words.

Oh well, I also have a MS around 79,000 words that needs a lot of revision. So I'm counting it as a success even if I stalled at the last lap.

What about you guys. Did you complete your NaNo goal for this year? How was it for you?


  1. You still got a lot of writing done, which is always a good thing.
    And it does get really mentally exhausting there at times. It's a tough challenge, especially for November.

  2. You did GREAT Melissa! That's a heckuva lot of writing. Head on over the Golden Coffee cup (, the alternative to Nano to see what I accomplished.

  3. Are you kidding? It's a major success! You're over 46k into your manuscript which is 46k more than you were on Oct 31st. So well done!


  4. That's so close that I think you should just round up. I didn't participate in NaNo, but tried to do NaNORev, but that didn't work out so good.

  5. I count that as a success! I forgot about Nano until it was well into the month. :( But I did get back into writing mode again.

  6. wow! That's amazing! Congrats! I don't think I could ever do NaNo. At least not without losing my job. :)

  7. Oh you are so a WINNER!! Congratulations!!!!! Yay for you!!!! Good luck with your revisions and I hope you take things easy for the holidays - so you'd be able to tackle the edits with gusto! Take care

  8. Thanks for all the support. You guys are the best.

    Vijaya I checked you out on the Golden Coffee Cup. You were very productive.

    I'm putting this MS on simmer for the month of December and will start revisions in January!

  9. 46k is brilliant. You should be proud of that achievement. I did the 50k but I need a break now..hehehe

  10. That's wonderful what you've accomplished. Also, putting the MS on hold this month & beginning revisions in 2011 is a great idea as you'll have distanced yourself from it.