Wednesday, December 22, 2010

What Would Your Character Do/Say Wednesday

As the year comes to a close, so will this feature. This will be the last What would your character do/say Wednesday? In the New Year, Wednesday will have a brand new feature, but it's a surprise.

So for my last What Would Your Character Do/Say, lets talk about the Holidays.

1) Does your character celebrate any kind of holiday?

2) If so, what are their holiday traditions?

3) What about your holiday traditions? Tell us all about them.

My character William, lived in a suburb of Kansas City until the world fell apart when he was ten. His favorite holiday memory was going to see the Plaza Lights when he was six. (This happens to be one of my favorite holiday memories too.) The family drove to the Country Club Plaza and looked at the brightly colored lights, and the shop windows. Then they visited Santa Clause.


  1. With the help of Queen Charlotte my characters will celebrate the new Christmas tradition of 1811.

    Otherwise, no, I haven't celebrated holidays with my characters. No, that's not true, in my last book they sort of had 4th of July but (my character) Uncle Sally had a heart attack so it wasn't much of one.

  2. My cast of characters would... but half of them have little access to electricity.


  3. I have to admit I hadn't thought of this question. A holiday does't occur during my book, so right now I'd say no.

  4. Since my character lives in a science fiction world far way (and he's working during the course of the story) I didn't insert any holidays. However, there is a festival in the sequel.

  5. Oooh my characters celebrate Easter and Christmas!! I guess it's because the christian western traditions are so imbedded in me - and I feel safest writing about these anyway! Take care

  6. These are always fun. Unfortunately I'm working on too many projects to go there right now. LOVE your Christmas pics!

  7. Melissa - Great pics. Mmm, fav holidays. In the first chapter of Distorted, my MC finds out something terrible on her birthday. Before that, it was one of her favorite days. Family and friends always made it special. Not this day. Oh, no.

  8. My current wip takes place after Christmas, so my characters don't celebrate it in the book.

  9. Thanks for the follow at Book Dreaming! Have a wonderful holiday, Melissa. :-)