Friday, September 3, 2010

Fonetic Friday: Word of the Day

Hey, you know those cool words they make you type when you comment on a blog, the ones that prevent spammers from commenting? If they were real words, what would they mean? See if you can come up with a definition and use it in a sentence.

Today’s word is: Sking


My definition: A slang word that combines “getting skooled” with a sting”.

Tiger Woods is caught cheating. His wife divorces him and takes him for a mint. “Sking!”


  1. Sking is a national sport in Denmark (after rabbit jumping). By it's very nature, it is a winter sport. (They tried doing it once in the summer, but the results were so tragic, it's been referred to as "Bloody Sking Day".)

    The person about to participate in sking, places himself (or herself, though far more men participate in this sport than women) in a slingshot at the bottom of a mountain. Rules state that there must be at least seven visible boulders on the field. The person (wearing one ski) is then shot up the mountain and skis back down.

    Points are awarded for missing rocks on both the uphill and downhill trip, least amount of blood spilled, and fewest number of broken limbs.

    "I broke my leg and my arms yesterday while sking."

    (It's important to note that while it's a national sport in Denmark, very few Danes participate. It's mostly tourists. Quite possibly drunk tourists.)

  2. Sking - the noise a stone makes bouncing off corrogated iron at 3am in the morning.

  3. Wow, Suzi's answer. I think sking is the noise I'm going to make when I finish my book. It may wake up my whole house.