Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What Would Your Character Say/Do Wednesday

I’m always looking for questions to ask my characters; anything to pull them out of their shell and see how they act in foreign territory. I wondered what it would be like if my characters participated in other Middle Grade and Young Adult stories. How would they act in Narnia, or at Hogwarts? It’s interesting to see how your characters act in a completely different setting.

Interview questions for your character based on “Harry Potter.”

1)Make up a spell for your character to cast, what would it do?

2)If you character were to send an owl, whom would they send it to? What would it say?

3)What would you character do if they had an invisibility cloak?

4)Make up a “house” for your character and his/her friends. What would their symbol be? What would their colors be? In what part of Hogwart’s Castle would they live?

5)If your character could have any magical animal as a pet, what would it be and why?


  1. Oh, I love Harry Potter. And therefore, I love this idea.

    My MC, Yseult would...

    1.) Invent a reading-bubble charm, so she could safely hide and read whenever she found herself in unsavory situations... like fancy dinners, or balls.

    2.) She would send owls to her brother Ciel, because that would really cut down on postage.

    3.) If Yseult had an invisibility cloak, she would use it at most fancy social events to sneak away. She would also use it to sneak around her older brother Ansel, so he would leave her alone.

    4.) In Hogwarts, Yseult would definitely be a Ravenclaw-- so no need to make up a new one!

    5.) If she could have a magical pet, she would probably have a cat or a pygmy puff. Mostly because she doesn't send enough letters to need an owl full-time, and she doesn't favor toads.

    Great idea, Melissa!

  2. You're so clever. Okay, Tess would...

    1) create a spell for being able to breathe indefinitely under water.

    2) send an owl to her dad, who's dead, but there's nobody else she wants to talk to

    3) wear her invisibility cloak to her mother's wedding.

    4) Huffleclaw...okay, she's good and brave. Sort of a lame attempt at combining two houses,

    5) a magical dog because she needs somebody to hug

  3. Oh, this is a good one, Melissa.
    Not long ago I had to put myself in my character's shoes to understand her reaction. I put myself in that specific scene to get a reaction (one that would be credible to readers). Well, it worked!

  4. Great idea, you could do this with almost any of your favorite books.

  5. Here's the one I was looking for! I'm a Potter-nerd, so this is right up my alley. I'm using Ian from BoB.

    1) "Home-a-roni" An instant teleportation spell home, so that he can play his computer games when he's supposed to be sleeping. And because mages can teleport - of course.

    2) Hi Richard! Guess what!? I'm in Hogwarts! I get to cast magic all the time and although I mess up a little, I'm learning a lot! The only downside is that I can't play World of Warcraft here, because they have no computers, but George and Fred taught me Wizzard's Chess - it's so awesome! Signed: The Ianator.

    3) Chase after other students and pretend to be Peeves's brother.

    4) House: Epicatia!
    Symbol: A sparkling magic wand against a sword.
    Colour: Purple, because epics in WoW are purple. Location: At the top of the world, eh...highest tower.

    5) Magical Pet: Blue Dragonhawk Hatchling, because that's what his WoW mage loves the most. It can cast electric sparks.

    If there are any typo's, they're Ian's ;)