Friday, October 29, 2010

Fonetic Friday: Word of the Day

Hey, you know those cool words they make you type when you comment on a blog, the ones that prevent spammers from commenting? If they were real words, what would they mean? See if you can come up with a definition and use it in a sentence.

Today’s word is: ashes


Ashes: Are you kidding me. This isn’t even a made up word. How can they do this to me. How are we supposed to play a make up a definition game, with a word like ashes????

Okay, since ashes is such a lame word, I decided to make up one of my own. Booge-This is what you call a Halloween Scrooge. (I had to make up a word to describe myself, since if been bi#@%ing about dressing up all day.


  1. My verification word was buceni. If that helps.

  2. Bahaha! I'm going to define Nicole's word...

    Buceni: (boo-chee-knee) Noun. 1. A hat worn by mobsters in the early 1930s. 2. A type of Florentine pasta served with oysters and mushrooms 3. A doltish person.

    And my word was "desums" for anyone else who wants to play.

  3. Thanks for the word Nicole! Buceni- I like Hanna's #2 the best. It sounds like pasta to me. Oh good, it's lunch time.

  4. LOL! I was like, ashes? Um, okay. And I'm a total BOOGE too. I only wore my costume after lunch.

  5. You are right, it's so much easier to come up with a new word. Ashes? Ashes? No, it's not happening, I'm trying to think of something cryptic and getting no where fast.

    Now if it was the word verification I've just had - unporeme - I would have to say that its a new beauty product designed to rid people of blackheads and other pore related skin conditions.

  6. I'm a sort of half booge this year because I REFUSE to dress up but I love carving pumpkins...

    Those verification words are weird! Sometimes I get original ones though.

    Let's see, my word for this post?
    Mentiesu: A dessert made by the french that is like tiramisu only with more chocolate and alcohol (meaning it is way more awesome!)

  7. I thought ashes was weird too. Odd that they gave you a real word.


  8. funny. Booge is awesome. I can't match that.