Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What Would Your Character Say/Do Wednesday

I’m always looking for questions to ask my characters; anything to pull them out of their shell and see how they act in foreign territory. I wondered what it would be like if my characters participated in other Middle Grade and Young Adult stories. How would they act in Narnia, or at Hogwarts? It’s interesting to see how your characters act in a completely different setting.

Interview questions for your character based on “The Hobbit.”

1)Does you character crave adventure or would they prefer hearth and home?

2)Would your character do something that violated the norms and mores of their society, even if it meant they would be looked down upon for ever?

3)How would your character deal with the hardships of a long journey?

4)How would your character deal with a character like Gollum?

5)Would your character be likely to write down the events of his/her journey for future generations to appreciate?


  1. I'm going to use Richard for this one.

    1. He would actually like adventure, IF everyone else was safe at home and no one was really worried about him.

    2. Tough one... It would depend on what it would be - which technically means, yes, he would. IF it was really necessary.

    3. He would toughen up and struggle through. He'd think things logically and go from there.

    4. Another tough one! He would pity Gollum. He would want to help him, but at the same time, he'd be on guard. Of course, we only get a glimpse of Gollum in The Hobbit - I'm more thinking about Gollum like in LotR.

    5. Yes. Richard is a bookworm, and definitely one to record thing - all technically detailed.

  2. Thanks Tessa

    I'm going to answer with one of my new characters, who I am trying to get to know a bit better. His name is Jax (maybe)

    1. Jax craves adventure, and would probably never settle down even if he had the opportunity.

    2. Jax has respect for tradition, but often norms and mores are ways of keeping society rooted in the past. Jax would go against them if it would advance his society no matter what anyone thought.

    3. Jax is no stranger to hardship. He uses whatever limited resources are available to help him an his followers survive.

    4. Jax would certainly be able to outsmart Gollum, and command as much loyalty as Gollum is capable of. He would try to help him. One of Jax's weaknesses is his trust in the untrustworthy.

    5. Jax loves to read whenever and whatever he can, but I don't think he would feel his story is worthy of being written down.

  3. I spend a LOT of time in my character's heads. If I didn't like them, I wouldn't be writing about them.

  4. 1. She would definitely go the adventure route.
    2. Depends on the situation.
    3. Um, so how long are we talking about?
    4. Give him attitude.
    5. She's not really into the whole diary thing.

    Cool questions.

  5. great idea!
    2. no
    3. is working through hardships right now
    4. run screaming, then come back and try to understand him.

  6. How fun!

    1. My character prefers hearth and home but he likes a bit of the unusual too.
    2. He'd do whatever he had to if he believed it was right. But he'd also like to be recognised for doing the right thing.
    3. He'd cope with a hard journey as long as he got to be with his family at the end of it.
    4. He'd try and understand Gollum, find out what made him tick.
    5. He would definitely write down his adventures!