Friday, October 1, 2010

Fonetic Fridays: Word of the Day

Hey, you know those cool words they make you type when you comment on a blog, the ones that prevent spammers from commenting? If they were real words, what would they mean? See if you can come up with a definition and use it in a sentence.

Today’s word is:Ingyla


My Definition: A deep sea mushroom. Scientific name: Cantharellus maritimus . "Can I please have extra ingyla on my salad?"


  1. I'd have to agree with yours this time around, Melissa. My immediate thought was, "Has the ingyla cooled yet?" but I wasn't quite sure what type of food an ingyla was. I think deep sea mushroom is fitting.

  2. I love this idea of creating definitions for these words. It gives me ideas every time I read one. Here's is my definition and sentence.

    Ingyla also spelled Ingylla or Ingylle
    (excerpt from the Higgins Omnipedia of Mythical Creatures):

    A ocean sprite or merperson commonly seen in the North Atlantic and near Scandinavian shores. Ingyla commonly wear seal skins in the winter. These are not svelte mermaids as they have a layer of blubber under their skin to ward off the extreme cold. You may have met one in Norway, Sweden, Denmark or Finland and not realized they were Ingyla.

    Ingyla lose their tails as soon as they leave the water and many work on shore as barmaids, fortunetellers, cooks and nannies. They are always cheerful and extremely intelligent. As soon as anyone suspects they origins, they will disappear and leave you with no clear memory of them.

    “Mrs. Svenson suspected that Nanny Olga was an Ingyla because she often found a few scales in the bathtub.”

  3. Ingyla - not a something but a someone. Ingyla is a beautiful princess of a remote, secret island that is only visible to a few once every 100 years.

  4. Ingyla is the name of a growth that can form on your uvula (the small drippy thing at the back of your soft palate). If you start to see a white spherical thing on your uvula, you should probably head to the doctor. You've got Ingyla.

    Now...I'm going to hijack your post with another word. I had "fictip" as word verification recently. At first I thought "oh a tip for writing fiction" but then I realized it was another word for a hook, like the tip of an iceberg. See, like "you liked that first paragraph? Well that's just the fictip! Keep reading and you'll see all kinds of great fiction beneath the surface!"

  5. thx for sweet comment on my picky eater! :)

  6. My followers are soooooo talented. These are fab definitions! Thanks everyone.

  7. Hello Melissa, If you'd like to stop by my blog there is an award with your name on it.

  8. Fun! I love it when my word verifications actually look like something.

    My nap must not have been restorative enough, because I can't think of a definition that's worthy. Let me stew...