Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What Would Your Character Say/Do Wednesday

I’m always looking for questions to ask my characters; anything to pull them out of their shell and see how they act in foreign territory. I wondered what it would be like if my characters participated in other Middle Grade and Young Adult stories. How would they act in Narnia, or at Hogwarts? It’s interesting to see how your characters act in a completely different setting.

Interview questions for your character based on “Watership Down.”

1)How would your character face the destruction of their whole community?

2)What would your character do if they could see the future?

3)Would your character choose to live a comfortable life, even if it meant some of his/her companions would be killed?

4)Would your character strike out on their own, or would they try to get a group to follow them?

5)What role would your character play in a group of refugees fighting for survival?


  1. My character would do whatever they could to help and protect others but at the same time would be vulnerable to feelings of revenge. He'd need a good support team around him to help him through it.


  2. Watership Down... a novel I've never heard of, but the past two weeks I've heard it everywhere.

    It just so happens to be Tony DiTerlizzi's favorite book!

  3. Awesome questions from one of my very favorite books!

  4. Interesting questions- a great way to imagine character strength and weaknesses. i mean, our characters can't be perfect in every situation kwim? And those make us really stop and think. great post!

  5. Sorry I forgot to post my answers. Strangely enough, these questions are actually more relevant to my current WIP, so even though Milo is a rabbit, and his journey is similar to Hazel's, I'm going to use him to answer.

    1) When the story starts Milo would be really put out if his community was destroyed. He'd be angry about losing his cozy home, but later in the book he'd come up with a plan to rescue/save everyone he could.

    2) In the beginning if he could see the future and it looked difficult (doesn't it always) he would crawl into his burrow and sleep, but toward the end, he'd use his knowledge to plan.

    3) In the beginning yes, the end no.

    4) Milo lived alone for a long time, but he really came into his own when he became a leader.

    5) Milo would be the leader of the refugees. He would be like Hazel, the one everyone looks to for answers, the one who can delgate and plan.

  6. These are great questions to find those weaknesses or strengths or even just to find a whole new dimension to the story.