Saturday, January 23, 2010

Beats and Boot Camp

Today I finished highlighting all  the beats in my manuscript.  Now I need to go through and make sure that none of them are strangling my dialogue.  Also to make sure that I have beats where I need them.  I'm still hoping to eliminate a lot of the "saids" in my manuscript. 

Tomorrow I need to type up all my changes from the past 5 reviews, and make another print-out, so I can continue reviews.

I also have to get my first 500 words up to perfection for the contest.

So what's boot camp?  Well although this blog is 99% about my journey as a writer, I thought it might be good to include some funnies from my day-to-day life.  So boot camp has nothing to do with writing.  It's a class I took at the gym.  It was an intence one hour hell of areobics, weights, spin, all together.  Oh Lord help me, I'm pretty sure walking is going to be out of the question tomorrow. 

Here's the thing, I didn't just haul my big 44 year old behind out of bed one day and decide to go to the gym and do "boot camp".  For one thing, my behinds not all that big, for another, I work out 28 days out of 30 and have been doing for over two years.  I spend an hour every night on the eliptical machine, sweating like a pig and shedding 600 calories.  So I thought, boot camp, sounds tough, but I can handle it.


Oh my what a joke.  I thought I was going to die about 3 minutes into the initial warm up (laps around the classroom which progressed to bunny hops.)  Milo would be disgusted with me, 'cause this girl cannot hop.  I think it's because of my ankle, even after three years it's weak after the break.  I'll have to get a wrap for it. 

So they only do this every other Saturday.  I don't know how that's going to work out with my schedule.  I'm serious!  I'm not just slacking, I swear.  If it's on a knitting Saturday, I can do it.  But when the weather gets better if it's a zoo weekend I can't do a 11:15 program. 

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