Sunday, January 17, 2010

Social Networking

I did some more work on POV by reading only MC POV and then reading only the omnicient narrator POV.  That worked really well.

But mainly this weekend has been about Social Networking.  I attended a fantastic program at our regional SCBWI in Kansas City.  Thanks to Jenn Bailey (see  She's amazing and will be speaking at the National SCBWI conference in New York. 

So now thanks to Jenn, I'm no longer afraid of twitter.  And I've also learned about tweetdeck.  I've made some changes to my blog and now all I have to do is set up a web page.  Oh boy.

Oh yeah, and write a book. 

Once again it brings it home that writing is a long and time consuming effort.  Although it's a little frustrating and I want things to go faster, I feel that putting in the effort will make the reward all that more meaningful.

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