Monday, January 18, 2010

Dialogue My Fave!

So today, I worked mainly on my dialogue, and got about half way through.  This is my favorite thing.  I did get a little confused, however when reading over what a few people had to say on the subject.  In my "Self Editing for Fiction Writers," it seemed to be saying that your dialogue should have beats, but in another blog I found they seemed to downplay this idea. 

Maybe I didn't even get that right.  I am getting a bit frazled at this point.  Anyway, I liked my dialogue more than I thought I would.  Some of it has beats that add context, setting, actions, etc.  But some is very spare.  I don't want to "strangle my dialogue".  Of course I made a lot of changes, but not as many as I thougth I would have to. 

Also still working on the Social Media thing.  Something is wrong with my picture on Tweetdeck, it needs to be in jpg.  I'll have to find it, and fix it later.

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