Thursday, February 4, 2010

Are We Done Yet?

Still working on my revisions.  How is it possible to go through this book 24 times and counting and still find places that so obviously need to be changed? Every time I go through this it winds up looking like it's bleeding.  Then I start with a blank white copy and... 

Anyway, meeting with the critique group again tonight.  I think this twice a month format is going to really work well.  I'm also doing a manuscript exchange with one of my crit group members.  I'm really anxious to read her whole book, so it'll be great.  But that will be two weeks from now.  So the clocks ticking to get this into the best possible shape by then.

I started thumbing through my Chicago Manual of Style.  HELP!  This is worse than finance and accounting put together.  Have I mentioned that my brain does not work this way? 

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