Tuesday, February 23, 2010

If Nathan Can, Why Can't I

Blog on Lost that is.  I've watched this show from day one, but I'm still no closer to understanding it than in 2004.   I think in the end they are going to say this whole show has been about being "LOST", cause that's what I am.

I'm taking a few minutes off to watch, but I need to keep working on making notes from the Nancy Lamb book. 

I also need to finish my next revision.  I promised my book club mom's that I'd bring copies for them to read to their kids to our next meeting.  Hello, that's Thursday night.  If I can get the revision done, I'll have to do the updates tomorrow night, print and have copies made while I'm at the gym Thrusday. 

Also working on two things for critique group members.  I'll really be able to focus on that more on Thursday and Friday.

So what else is going on in writing land.  I submitted to a backspace contest via mail yesterday.  The winner gets a scholarship to the backspace conference in New York in May. 

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