Friday, February 5, 2010

Critique Group Meeting

We had a great critique group meeting last night.  I really benefitted from some excellent feedback.  One thing I had overlooked when describing one of my characters was that if he had a physical deformity in his mouth, he would talk differently, or at least have some other symptoms from his deformity.  Great catch.  See, I thought I had this all nailed down, but that one got right by me.  So back to the drawing board to add to this part of the dialogue.

I really appreciate this feedback and I hope that people appreciate the feedback I have to offer.  Sometimes I feel that I am a little harsh, and I am at a phase in my own evolution where I tend to notice what's wrong, more than what's right.  I have been reading so much, so many books, so many blogs, and really trying to apply that to my own writing.  When I go to critique group, I want to share that knowledge as much as possible.  I wish I could say that I love everything I see, but I just don't work that way.  It's a waste of my time and a waste of everyone else's.  And there's just no time to waste.

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  1. It ain't called "critique" for nothin', sistah.

    And what in the hell do you call that creature at the top of your blog? I'm thinking there's some slug in its lineage.