Sunday, July 18, 2010

Focus Focus Focus


I'm really ready to start my new MS, but I decided to do a lot of planning and prep work before starting. I've been working on character bios, but I'm having trouble staying focused. I keep getting sucked into different things. I'm thinking I just need to get on with it, start writing the book and then go back and strengthen some of these things after I've gotten started.

I think this is typical of my personality type. I'm not an organized micro-management type. So I think I'm just going to get on with it.


  1. Frustrating, huh? Wouldn't it be nice to steal away to a deserted island with no Internet access or reception for mobile devices AT ALL. Scary, but nice. Ok, I shall stop commenting on your blog and let you GET TO IT!

  2. Yeah, I always say I'm going plan ahead first, but I'm impatient and just want to get into the writing. But planning does save time... if you can do it ;)

  3. I'm for a bit of both! I think about it - that's planning, right? - then write. If I need to I create sub files with character's facets in.

    Whatever feels good to you is what's best, at the end of the day - we're all different in our approaches to everything - just do it:-)