Thursday, July 15, 2010

Speaking of Reality TV

I'm a little surprised that someone hasn't come up with a Reality TV Show for writers. I mean they seem to have one for everything else under the sun.

I think a show similar to American Idol could be a big hit. It could be called "I'm the Next Stephanie Meyer"

You could have three agents judging: Nathan Bransford could be the Paula, nice and fair to everyone, Janet Reid could be Simon, and someone really wise and regal like Andrea Brown to be Randy. Then who would be the host... Some cool up and coming writer like Tahereh Mafi she would be hilarious.

Thousands of hopefuls could crowd the convention centers of major cities begging for a chance to show America that they have what it takes to be "The Next Stephanie Meyer" Some of the really amazing goofballs out there who have been dissed by "the man", but know their writing is better than anyone living in this century, can get on TV and really show their butts. Tearful teenagers with deadbeat dads and drug adicted moms can win the hearts of America with their hearfelt sagas.

Once the contestant pool has been whittled down to...say 12, lock them in a house, and make them compete against each other in teams. Then the drama can really begin. Week by week writers will be eliminated until finally one writer can say..."I'm the Next Stephanie Meyer." Of course they'll win a publishing contract with a major house,representation by the agent of their choice, and a nice cash prize.

Can you see it? Sign me up. What do you think? Would you try out for a show like that?


  1. lol. That would be awesome. Except I think I'd be too shy to try it. Would you do it?

    I think you should try to start something... ;)

  2. Shyness might be a hitch in my nefarious scheme. It might be that writers would be too shy to come forward on TV, unlike singers, dancers, comedians. But maybe an online version might just be the ticket. Hmmm. As for me, I'm the Executive Producer, don't you know.

  3. I think while the idea is cool, it might get as interested as Cspan.

    How much screen time can be devoted to 20 highly caffeinated people who never see the sun typing on computers. It would only be interesting to other writers. People like sausage but they don't want to watch a game show about the process-- yucky

    Still if it was real, I'd try out, if only to meet the agents. ;-)

    Nice entry, very cute.

  4. I would pay money just to watch the conversations going on in the "house"! I don't know if I would try out, but it might make me break my ban on reality TV.

    Very cute post!

  5. I'm feeling it Kate. That's what reality TV's all about! The drama off-stage.