Sunday, July 25, 2010

So Much To Do, So Little Time

I'm sure you have all noticed that there are never enough hours in the day. Of course if I didn't have the damned job and could write full time, it would be a whole differenent story, but what can I do. The bills have to get paid.

But even after the workday's done and on the weekends, I can't devote 100% of my time to writing.

For instance yesterday I spent the whole day volunteering at the zoo where I am a docent. It's the most amazing volunteer activity in the world and I love it more than anything. I could never give it up, and it really goes hand in hand with my writing. I write a lot about animals, and being at the zoo inspires my writing. But it's a big time commitment too.

Then after a hot sweaty day at the zoo I had my nieces age 6 and 9 over to spend the night. It's something we all enjoy, but shot the whole day Saturday.

So how do you manage all the extras that take time away from your writing?


  1. LOL...I don't manage, I juggle. I focus on one thing and everything else falls and then I focus on everything else get the picture.

    We need to ingratiate ourselves with a wealthy person who loves us so much for our sparkling personalities that they decide to be a patron of our writing and then we can both quit the day jobs.


    By the way, the zoo sounds like a really fun volunteering opportunity.

  2. I like to think when I'm not writing, I'm collecting material for future books.

    I like to think that. :)