Friday, July 23, 2010

To See or Not To See

We had a small critique group meeting last night, which was nice because we got to spend some time dishing on personal stuff, which I always enjoy. We also met in a new location. We have tried both Borders, which was great, we met in the children's section and sat around a small table like when we were in Kindergarten. But alas they started kicking us out at 9:00 and that didn't give us enough time. So we moved to Barnes and Noble, but there's no where to sit in their kids section, partly because there are always kids sitting there, and it's really noisy. So we sat in the cafe, but they're trying to sell more coffee by lowering the temperature to about 50 degrees F. So now we have a new spot, but it's not a book store. Still it has comfy furniture, not much noise of trafic.

So are you part of an in person critique group? If so, where do you meet? Do you like meeting face-to-face?


  1. I'm part of two groups. One is in the home of one of the group members.

    The other group meets in alternating locations of the IHOP restaurant meeting room. The other location is a meeting room at the library.

    Both offer privacy and seating. (At IHOP you have to buy something, so it's a little more expensive.)

  2. I've been part of critique groups in the past, always held on college campus somewhere quiet.
    I've sometimes found them helpful, but usually not so much... I'm sure it's great though when you've got a dedicated group that truly wishes to help each other.

  3. I would love to find/create a critique group, but I'm under the impression that I live in too small of a city to find a group of passionate critiquers.

    Anyone have any insight on how to join a small online critique group? I'd like to really get to know people before I trust them with my delicate MS/ego. Most of the crit groups I've found online are rather faceless.

  4. Writers group is my favorite thing EVER! We meet every other week at Panera. (Really a great place to meet, big tables but they close at 9) We have four people in our group and every meeting we have two submissions.

    It's good because we have a wide varity of skills in the group as well. We've been meeting for about a year.

    Last week I brought my daughter. Big mistake. She was good for about an hour and then when the meeting was over and we were chatting, she peed on me. She two and she was sitting on my lap

    writing life and mom life don't mix well.

  5. When I was, we usually met in a restaurant or someone's home.

    I think, when just starting out, the face-to-face is important. So is the routine. Yet, too often it can become social hour and that wasn't what I was looking for.

    Now, I prefer a quick meeting to go over feedback.