Saturday, July 17, 2010

Up To My Ankles

So far I've only put a big toe into the blogger, twitter, social networking pool. But I'm trying to bring more value to my blog. Up until now, I've blogged mostly for myself, just to see if I could keep doing it and keep myself on track. But now I want to do more.

But it's hard to find something that people will be able to use as a resource, that isn't already being done. I have one idea, that I'm going to reveal on August 24th.

Do any other writers have anything they'd like to see as a writers resource?


  1. I did a weekly session on my blog called Mid Week Links where I would gather a bunch of links across the internet about various writing resources.

    It was SUPER time consuming and I didn't get a lot of feedback on it. I'm thinking about dropping it all together.

    But good luck, I can't wait to see what your announcement is!

  2. That sounds really helpful. I'll check it out. But if it's too time consuming then...

  3. I'm with you, Melissa. I am very new to this social networking malarky and it's got me stumped - how do people do it so successfully? As a beginner I don't know that I have any tips to offer! I just have the story of me doing what I'm doing. I guess I could re-post things ... but who for? Oh, well. For now it's keeping me entertained. I'm learning so much about writing! Good luck.